Lisa with Dannion Brinkley

at a United Intentions Media event

Lisa with James Van Praage

at the New Living Expo

Therapy Dogs

Lisa with her therapy dog Hala

Lisa with her therapy dog Falina

Lisa with some of her future pet therapy puppies


~Lisa possesses an amazing gift! She has an inate ability to share information with clarity and compassion that enables me to live my life without worry or fear of the future. During our readings she shared positive words of encouragement and answers many of my questions. Besides being a gifted psychic, Lisa is kind, easy to talk to, and has a real passion for helping people. I would highly recommend Lisa, she helped me gain insight into my life and I know she will do the same for you.~

Michelle in Texas

~My deceased mother came through to Lisa during a severe health problem I was having. Lisa told me things that my mother relayed to her, to prove it was in no doubt really my mother, so this gave me the spiritual courage I needed to deal with severe daily pain I endured. It has renewed my faith~

~I first met Lisa Newman while working a veterinarian shift at the local animal emergency clinic back in 2006. Over the years we developed a good doctor-client relationship and I always enjoyed her visits to my regular veterinary practice and was happy to provide veterinary care for her animals. She has a really big heart for animals in need of love and affection and enjoys providing care for them especially those in need of rescuing from bad situations. More recently she has relayed some stories to me about premonitions she has had about animals and also about people. A couple of years ago she even had a premonition about me having a heart problem. She was hesitant telling me about it not being sure how I would react. Fortunately I had a cardiologist check me out. My heart was fine but my cholesterol was too high. I was able to lower my cholesterol by 66 points just by changing my diet and am so thankful she told me to get checked out. Lisa even brought me a large box of instant oatmeal packets to eat for breakfast. I was so impressed by this act of love and caring. She obviously has a very unique gift. She has mentioned to me that all of this has really heightened her spirituality which has helped her life be so much better that before. I am really looking forward to reading more about all her experiences!~