Lisa Newman Psychic Medium

Lisa has been blessed to receive information from the divine, and to communicate with the dead, in order to help both people and animals. Her gifts enable her to help deceased souls who are ‘stuck’ in the earthly realms, to get back to their real home in the heavenly realms. She possesses the ability-to guide those of us still here to repair paths for their earthly missions. From navigating obstacles, to ridding people of unhealthy attachments and entities. Soul cleaning is a reality in her spiritual duties to unburden those in need to find connection, closure, and relief so that they can move forward in their lives, until they meet again with their loved ones. A published author, with a lifetime of experience of a deep love of animals, the divine has enabled her to communicate with animals here, and in the hereafter. She has dedicated her life to animal rescue, and volunteering with her pet therapy dogs to comfort hospice patients in nursing homes.

After doing this important spiritual work quietly behind the scenes, she has decided to come out publicly with her gifts during these especially trying times on earth to help as many people as she can, connect spiritually so that they may find the strength to stand strong for themselves and in turn others.


~If you are dealing with unresolved issues between yourself and someone who has passed… Lisa, with her compassionate, caring, insightful nature is the person to turn to for connection and resolution between you and your departed loved ones. Unresolved issues often opens us up to possible spiritual interference in our daily lives.~

Dannion Brinkley
New York Times and international best selling author and speaker ,most complete near death experience documented.His books tours and lectures have transformed the consciousnesses of people across the world

~Dear Lisa, 

I feel mere words are sadly inadequate to describe the monumental spiritual support and insight you provided for me prior to my Mom passing 3 years ago. I found your testimonials concerning an afterlife that encompasses all living things equally inspiring one year later with the loss of my companion and best friend of 17 years (my Dog) Cassidy. 

Even more recently your spiritual awareness provided for me the courage to rid myself of a longtime addiction to prescription pain medication.

It is for your unwavering honesty and consistent psychic awareness that I will feel eternally grateful for. 

Thank you, and God~

bless- jq

~My deceased father came to Lisa in order to help me when I was having a difficult time in my life. My father told her something that would prove to me that it really was him coming through her to help me. It was instrumental in saving my marriage.~

Penny K. New Jersey

Services Offered

  • Loss of loved ones, human or animal
  • Clearing your path
  • Guidance in your life mission
  • Soul cleaning
  • Exorcism of attachments / possessions
  • Help with unresolved issues from the past